Virtual acoustic soundscape

Sound Temple app capture sounds from device built-in microphone in real time, placing it in the simulated acoustic space and transmits to headphones. The user finds himself in augmented reality, where all familiar sounds became different, observing the process of interaction with three human senses: hearing, vision and touch.

The first open testing of the application has been performed as a happening . Elina Lebedze conducted her composition for three voices and the sound temple app. All testers were wearing headphones.

“Listening to the Sound Temple, we find ourselves in another space without leaving actual reality. The best way to use the application is to communicate with sounds by taking your eyes off the screen. Some sounds will continue, others will multiply, and even the “temple” itself continuously changes its acoustic properties over time. For me, this is a kind of place, where I can visit any time, for example, if I want to streamline the chaotic sound landscape, play and listen to myself.»

Performed by Tatiana Poliakova